Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just back today from a 5 day trip to Montreal. I have to say those French boys are so cute... and everyone dresses so well I feel embarrassed! It's always nice the second time around to a city - there's a sense of familiarity, even though it's really quite artificial since I still don't know my way around, but there's also no sense of urgency to zoom around the city trying to cover every touristy spot.

I did, however, cover some of the hippest restaurants in town. Yes, this was for work so on the firm's account! Let's just say I should be going on some sort of diet over the next few months to work off all the food that I'd eaten. But it was ever-so-delicious it's almost impossible to resist!

The other bonus was that the weather this time of year was very mild compared to what it normally would have been, thus, a very pleasant (albeit, still chilly) time in the city. I do love the feel of Montreal, though now that I've lived in Toronto, it's hard to imagine living in a smaller city such as that! (Small being relative since it's still larger than Vancouver!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

yoga-ed out

It's been a beautiful November so far. I'm mostly recovered from the flu and last weekend was gorgeous - beautiful, sunny weather. I spent the day hanging out in Leslieville after subbing a class, checking the art galleries and walking along the beach with a good friend. The evening was filled with a yoga partner workshop where 40 people were crammed into a room for some fun laughter and play.

On Sunday, 3 more hours of yoga... yes, that's a lot... and then some downtime. And tonight I went to watch My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding, a very enjoyable musical. (Great music and singing). I bought the ticket on Halloween when I went to see The Boys in the Photograph (another musical). There was a special for the shows on Tuesday so I chose based on the best seat available. It happened to be tonight. It's good to know that my subconscious didn't choose last Tuesday when I was sick. I love how things play out perfectly!

However, I was beginning to have doubts in my head again about what I'm doing. A good friend of mine is moving out of the city. I called him a traitor - for leaving/moving before I did! Work is sailing along, I'm filling my spare time with yoga and other fun stuff, but sometimes I wonder if I'm not trying hard enough to figure out what it is I want to do! Not that I read the horoscope on a regular basis, but today's just hit the spot for me: "Stop worrying that you are not doing enough in the world. You're doing plenty. Today's Mercury-Saturn link indicates that success will be yours." Thank you, horoscope. I can rest easy now.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

letting go

Everyone has been scared about the whole swine flu thing of late. You won't find me standing hours in line for a questionable vaccine. You will, however, have found me lying in bed for 4 straight days this past weekend while I tried to kick the regular flu. It sucks being sick. It's worse being alone when you still have to cook for yourself.

As I regained some of my energy, I started the task of going through my ticket stubs from shows and concerts that I have attended over the past 4 years. I have finally decided that I can part with these memories, but not before going through them to see what I've been lucky enough to watch. So many shows! So many blessings. I'm one lucky girl...with more shows to come! (But I'm still hanging on to my favourite shows - like my Cirque tickets!) I'm so lucky, blessed, and grateful. As well, much gratitude to all the vets who served our country for freedom.