Saturday, January 08, 2011

new year, same old

I haven't written in a while, but it has been a bit intentional on my part. Seems like time has been moving in slow motion for me, (work is slow and dull), but fall and winter flew by. I've never spent a year's worth of vacation in the last four months of the year, but since I did in 2010, it made the last bit of the year go by so quickly, and it was the first time the shorter, darker days didn't pull me into a melancholic mood.

Air travel is a pain as usual with weather travel delays, but I did go back to Vancouver for the holidays and had a more relaxing than usual trip. Yup, still crammed in all my appointments, was fed like a king and ate like a pig, but who's complaining (apart from the waistband of my pants?)

Now I'm into 2011 and it's been off to a bit of a weird and stressful start. All I can say is big changes in the next two years. I definitely want to get a move on out of this job... it is just a matter of when to take that leap. I'll hold on for a little bit longer to save up a bit for my studies and then we'll see what unfolds next.

Hope you had a good holiday and best wishes for 2011. :) Would love to hear from you if you haven't been in touch in a while!


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