Wednesday, June 23, 2010

minor shake up

So there's something else to finally talk about apart from all the G20 nonsense. There has been a noticeable increase in police presence around town, and today, there was a minor earthquake. Well, 5.5 isn't minor but by the time it travelled from Ottawa to us, it was fairly just a tremor, which I didn't even notice as I was out on the streets when it happened. And I had thought I had moved away from all worries about earthquakes!

Interesting that we were then sent information at the firm about the quake. I guess they were concerned that people may have panicked thinking that protesters had gotten out of control or something. That was followed by an email on what to do in an earthquake. I guess practicing for it is really not something that is done here... thank goodness it was a minor one. Most people probably really wouldn't know what to do if this had been a major event. But at least it made the front story of the news sites instead of stories about schools shutting down for the G20, or the G20 survival guide - what not to wear - Look too business-like and you might be paintbombed. Dress like a militant protester and you run the risk of being tear gassed. The city is already becoming a ghost'll be nice when things go back to normal.


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