Sunday, January 23, 2011

mind numbing chill

This has GOT to be the coldest I've ever felt. With the weather flip flopping warm and cold (it was -16C on Monday and then 2C on Tuesday), it's hard to adjust... I keep thinking that it's almost spring and then we plunge right back into the heart of winter.

This weekend was super cold with the coldest day of winter so far this year. -19C pre-windchill today. I thought my fingers were going to fall off. The gloves were useless. If I didn't have to go out, I would have stayed in. Even waiting for the streetcar was bitterly painful. With windchill, it was about -26C. Argh. And the snow. I slipped on ice on Friday night heading to the studio and did a wipeout. Luckily I caught myself before my butt smacked the ice, but unfortunately, my right wrist took the brunt of it. :( Anyway, I think I'm mostly better for now but I'm soooo hoping for spring right now!


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