Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, I guess what I've missed most recently is having a television. With the Olympics picking up after all the problems (death of luger on trial run, Olympic flame arm not rising during the Opening Ceremonies, chain-link fence around the cauldron, not enough snow and too much rain that resulted in cancelled tickets on Cypress, ice-cleaning machine not working, the CBC not being the ones to host the programs, our Own the Podium being more like Rent the Podium etc. etc.) patriotism has picked up madly and I am missing out on all the exciting events.

I tried streaming the stuff online but it seems that you have to download software (what a pain!!) and then it still didn't seem to work. I think it may have been a mac issue, but there was an option for downloading to a mac so I'm not sure what the deal is. So I tried accessing NBC but of course can't because I'm not in the US.

In any case, I am so proud of our athletes... it does make me imagine what the life would be like. I think of how they are constantly in training with grueling schedules. Is it worth it for the glory? I don't know, but sometimes it makes me wish I could live my life with such a passion! (In fact, my own "grueling" schedule of work and studio meant I was running on fumes and wound up sick, skipping work, and having to take time off to recover. Ah, the wonders of the body telling me when to stop when my mind insists on pushing on!) Having a tv right about now would be a sweet way to take it easy while resting up. Go Canada Go!


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