Friday, December 22, 2006

hop. skip. and jump.

I overslept - I had set my alarm for pm instead of am. Thank goodness my ride called me so that I was able to panic and spring myself into action. Flight left from Toronto to Calgary, a switch of planes, and then another takeoff and landing to Kelowna where they were overwhelmed with security so the 7 of us who had the joy of doing the multiple transfer had to wait inside the plane before the others boarded. And then the final leg to Vancouver. It wasn't even over for some poor guy who had to make another flight up to Prince George and then another 4 hour drive to some unknown land to visit his girlfriend. On top of that, he had driven from St. Catherines to the airport in Toronto so while I thought my day was long, his was at least twice the length of mine. Now that's dedication.

Lunch? Pretzels.

Remind me to never do this again.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

party, party, party

So I was invited to two work Christmas parties this year... lucky me! All I could think of was how nice it would be to not have to cook. I am getting tired of my own cooking and why pass up on a free meal. Well, first off, it seemed like everyone was taking the day off work. I had hoped to leave work a tad early so that I would have time to change and get ready for the party but the boss beat me to it. So I got stuck and of course the work starts piling in. Don't you just love Friday afternoons?

This second party was a decent one but lacked the atmosphere and fun of the first one that I had attended a couple weeks back. In any case, some guy from the company dressed up as Santa and we had to play a game of musical coins. Well, musical loonie. The guy who invited me ended up winning and as the bonus for being to the left of him, I also won. He ended up with a box of chocolates and nuts and I walked away with a bottle of wine. :) (This does not beat the fact that the first Christmas party I went to, my date won a door prize - on my ticket no less - and it was a 12 inch portable tv. He offered it to me but what am I going to do...start subscribing to cable?!) Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a lucky charm...a co-worker of mine won a laptop at a conference and I just stood there with my mouth wide open.

In any case, a co-worker lent me a beautiful silk scarf/shawl to wear as an accessory. While I had brought a dress over, I hardly expected to be invited to one or more Christmas parties and was lacking in accessories and jewelery. Somehow I managed to get food on it. I couldn't understand how it happened as I was extremely careful in all handlings of it. In any case, I was a bit stressed I could have cried when I saw the oil stain. ≈ I later found out that the scarf was probably over $200!!! If I had known beforehand, I would have never borrowed it in the first place! Thank goodness for dry-cleaners. They got it out.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


You know the saying Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Well, forget the diamonds baby. Give me long johns. And gloves. And a hat to boot. After the west coast's freak storm during which the east coasted through true fall-like weather, we have plunged back into the minus digits. Which means I'm bundled up like the Michelin Tire dude. I don't know if I'm just becoming more adjusted to the weather now, or whether the temperature is milder, or I'm just automatically layering myself in about 5000 layers but so far, the winter hasn't been too bad. Mind you, I've got terrible hat hair and I don't really care how I look...and it's not quite January or February, which are the most brutal months in Toronto. So we'll see if I can get any number. At that point, who needs diamonds when all you can see are my eyes?