Wednesday, June 28, 2006

smog days of summer

Whoever came up with the phrase "dog days of summer" probably was retired and didn't have to work. Here, I substitute the word smog as we've already had a few smog alerts. Not only is the air hazy for miles, but it's been humid as well.

We were due for some major thunderstorms to relieve and cleanse the air. I'm all for it, especially since I'm sitting nice and cozy inside my apartment. Lightning has flashed several times and the skies have opened to throw a fast and furious shower upon the grey cement sidewalks. I'm watching almost guiltily as people caught without their umbrellas make mad dashes across the streets as they duck for cover. Ah but what fresh air we'll have tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to see past the next building...

Sunday, June 25, 2006


pride flag
Funny how someone said that those who are busy living their lives are too busy to blog. Well I haven't blogged for the last while as I've spent it recovering. Not much of a life there.

Summer in the city involves lots of planning...because there are so many options of things to do. I ended up going to the open house of the new Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts and did the self-guided tour. There was a two hour wait for the guided tours and I wasn't about to come back after picking up a pre-assigned time slot ticket. There and back home and then it was time to get ready to watch the Pride Parade. Pride is such a huge thing in Toronto that they block off a huge chunk of Yonge St. - it's actually pretty interesting to see all the characters. At least this year wasn't as hot as last year and it was conveniently close to my apartment. People are so keen on this that they stake out their place on the route 3 hours beforehand! Some of the photos I got were quite something but not too suitable for publication...I'll leave it at that. If you've attended, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I better go pretend I'm busy and stop writing so you think I've got a life.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

en route

Another day of packing and travel as I finish my working vacation. More when I return.

Friday, June 16, 2006

shopping bliss

After all the lack of shopping in Baltimore, I was completely psyched to hit one of the largest outlet malls in North America, Potomac Mills. We were expecting busloads of tourists but luckily we had much of the mall to ourselves. Not only were the shops good but the sales were even better! I almost felt guilty buying so many things but then again, I had to make use of my duty-free limit after being out of the country for so many days!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

hanging in DC

I day tripped out to Annapolis and toured the capitol and the Naval Academy. Took the train out to DC to visit my friends. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I'm feeling slightly better but I had no idea how much it sucks to be sick on holiday. At least I didn't have to worry about people being arrested outside of my hotel room today! What a change.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sick in and of baltimore

all the little fishies
I've been to Baltimore before. But never have I recalled such a weird experience. The place is a deserted town in the evenings, much like most US cities where everyone leaves the downtown core at the end of the work day. People boldly come up to you asking for change and you wonder, are these street people? Ugh. On top of that, I'm sick too so my experience is even more tainted. Anyway, I'll be glad to get out of this city in a couple of days. The highlight of the trip has to be the Aquarium, which is a little sad. It's called the National Aquarium but I am told it has nothing to do with the government. Can the city BE any stranger??

Friday, June 09, 2006


flying standby
Only touched down for a couple of days and am off in a couple of hours to Baltimore. Since I've been back, the new Smoke-Free Ontario Act has kicked in which requires no smoking near buildings. What can I say but how behind the times this province is. BC's been smoke-free for years now! Anyway, it's awesome for me so now I no longer have to go through smoke to get to work. Now everyone's standing curbside puffing away and breathing in car fumes. Perfect. I only wonder what they will do once winter hits as the curb is not under any cover?!

Standby until my return...