Sunday, September 28, 2008

in an elevator of all places...

I came home from one of my best yoga classes ever (it was a private!) and stepped into the elevator. The pizza delivery guy was already inside. On the way up, he asked what I was listening to on my ipod. Here is our exchange:

I said: A UK band.
He asked: Who sings?
Me: No one. It's instrumental.
He says: Can I listen to it?

Seriously?! I just show him the album cover.

Me: I'm about to get off.
Him: Well have a nice day.
Me: Thanks [as I exit the elevator]

I have not been hit on before in an elevator, especially when I'm not even going up to 15 floors. Interesting and flattering... but I guess it could happen anywhere!

Friday, September 19, 2008

crash and burn

It's been one long week for me. I've stayed late almost every night due to having to conduct interviews, writing up staff reviews, and the dreaded budget. In fact, I left work about 8 tonight. On a Friday. So so sad. I had to turn down an invite to the Drake as I was just too pooped to head out. I haven't even finished but I could not stay awake any longer and concentrate. In fact, I fell asleep with my ipod on the other night to wake up in the morning, surprised that I hadn't strangled myself with the earphone cords. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend too so we'll see. I may end up having to go in early on Monday. C'est la vie of the working class.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

spike (of rain) from ike

While the US is battling the wrath of Hurricane (now downgraded to tropical storm) Ike, the east coast is feeling the effects with a dump of rain. This brings back memories of my first summer. Upon arrival, we were getting rained out from Hurricane Katrina. I suppose the good news is that while it's wet, it's warm (pre-rain, a muggy 22). I don't know. Seems like summer's definitely over. *sigh* On the plus side, it's a very good day to stay indoors to watch a good flick. Currently viewing: The Painted Veil. Loved Edward Norton in The Illusionist and that movie so much that I bought a copy of it afterwards. I'm hoping he won't disappoint in this one!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

tiff again... but parties, not films

I got a call from a friend last night inviting me to a Toronto International Film Festival party. Not one of those big ones with Brad Pitt or anything, but the "Ecstasy" Film Environmental Gala up in swanky Yorkville at the Empire Lounge. Bedouin Soundclash, Hedley and Ashley Leggat performed. I almost didn't go as I was so wiped from the previous night and it was cold and rainy out but I was convinced to drop in. It was what I expected... loud, crowded, packed. We didn't stay too long - less than an hour before I said I wanted out. We did manage to pick up a nice swag bag though so that was probably the highlight of the evening!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

travel wars

I like air travel almost as much as cats like taking baths. Originally, my flight was booked to match my travel companion's. His got changed and he got moved up. We tried to change mine to match even though our connecting flights would be to different cities. No go. Because his connecting flight was cancelled, they moved him up. But mine was not changed so if I wanted to be on the same first leg, I would have to pay a change fee. So I left it. Flight was to depart Boston at 530pm but the plane sat on the Tarmac for at least 30 minutes. We left at 620pm and got into Ottawa around 710pm. Had to go through customs and pick up our bags. Of course the bags took a while. Nine people were to catch their flight to Edmonton at 735pm while we all stood waiting for our bags. Mine came at 750pm so I handed in my customs form and raced through security to reach the gate. The girl told me they saw me (on the computer) but thought I would not get my bag in time because it normally takes half an hour so they already detached the bridge. It was 752pm. My flight was to leave at 8. I watched my plane yet couldn't get on it! How frustrating... They held the flight for Edmonton as it was the last flight. I got put on the 10pm flight so here I am sitting at the airport...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

cape cod

So here I am on my first real vacation in about 3 years and it appears I picked the perfect week weatherwise. This after a rainy wet summer. This after trips back home that one can't possibly count as vacation. The first few days have been spent in Provincetown, eating seafood, exploring the town, catching lots of sun and lying on the beach. Did a dune tour and hiked up Pilgrim's monument. More food, sun, and beach are in the works. Martha's Vineyard is next so stay tuned!