Friday, March 02, 2007

the sky is falling

The radio this morning told people to stay home due to downed wires and falling ice. I never really got that until I was inside the office... there were SHEETS of ice being blown off the top of the buildings (65 stories high) and they fall, spinning down below. I am afraid someone will get hit - the sheets splinter off in different directions but some of the heavier ones just fall in one huge piece. Scary scary. The other smaller pieces float down - like the paper you saw at 9/11. I heard it crackle loudly - kind of like in Alaska when you see the glaciers calving. Amazing but scary. Lots of power lost in the city and they said that we shouldn't be going in to work - but you know the firm. Cheapo. Outside our building there are signs posted saying "Watch for falling ice"... as if I'm going to stop and look up!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

in like a lion

Well yesterday was a lovely sunny day heading towards the feeling of spring. And even this morning looked promising...but the forecast called for blowing snow and boy did it ever come down. Looking outside of my office, I could see the grey clouds moving in and once the snow started, it was blinding. There were strong winds as well - up to 70km/hr, which made things interesting. The snow was moving in all directions, at the mercy of the wind. Funny that it reminded me of the northern lights with the shapeshifting. Normally, you can't see the wind, but thanks to the snow, you could see the wind swirling.

The walk home was nightmarish - snow coming down and piling up so quickly that it couldn't even be shovelled fast enough. I did see a truck with a plow/shovel attached to the front drive itself onto a sidewalk outside College Park and shovel off the sidewalk in one go. Sweet. And walking was definitely faster than the cars that were stuck in massive gridlock on Yonge.

This is absolutely the worst I've seen it in all my time here. They shut down evening classes at UT and other colleges. Libraries and other shops were closing early. People being stranded are able to stay at the downtown hotels that are offering storm rates. We're now due for freezing rain and more howling winds. It's supposed to turn to plain rain tomorrow. The commute tomorrow will be interesting... I'm hoping that March will go out like a lamb...