Tuesday, October 31, 2006

networking around town

I have been trying really hard to get out to meet new people and to socialize for the sake of sanity and in the hopes of finding a lead to my next job. One event that came up over the weekend involved networking as well as a panel of speakers - an all women group with unusual careers - this included Chan Hon Goh of the National Ballet of Canada. I was extremely interested in going to hear her speak and even managed a photo with her. But I digress. The most interesting part of the evening were the people. I almost decided not to go as the weather had turned crummy (i.e. rainy) and apparently a lot of people thought the same as I was told it was a smaller than usual crowd, although I'd say there were about 50 people at least.

The person who told me about the event was unable to attend (funny how that happened with another event the last time - with a different person telling me about the event). So I went by myself and luckily bumped into a girl who happened to arrive at the same time as myself. We ended up sticking with each other most of the night. Apart from the event being poorly organized (i.e. speakers started super late, hors d'oeuvres consisted of 3 plates with pita bread and carrot sticks), it was a great way to meet new people. There was this lone white guy who came to introduce himself to us. I shook his hand politely and turned away to speak with another person. He continued to speak with my new-found friend, and clung to her all night. I thought to myself, "Dude, this is a networking event, not speed-dating." and whispered to the girl that he was probably here just to pick people up. I was disgusted. The guy was 40+ (44 she confirmed) and at the end of the night, gave her a peck on the cheek. She basically told him she was booked til December. Hilarious but sad, so sad.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas?!

Ok, we're in for some weird weather. Parts of Ontario were getting hit by snow. We got it in the form of heavy rain yesterday. I was halfway to work when the skies opened and my shoes, socks, and half my pants got completely drenched to the point that I let them air all day and they were still wet by the time I went home. Lucky for me, I had a spare pair of shoes and the rain that started again didn't hit til I was right near my doorstep.

And then another oddity...snow. We actually got swirling snow with the sun peeking over Mississauga. And then it cleared up just as quickly as it came. It's definitely that time of year to be pulling out my toque. I'm such a wimp I've already been wearing my down vest for the last couple of weeks. I'm wearing gloves tomorrow too. (I wasn't the only one though - on the walk home, I passed by many people wearing hats and gloves in this zero degree temperature.)

My trip after work led me to the Bay to return the scale that I had bought last week to weigh my luggage. And guess what? They already had their Christmas street up! With signs pointing the way. Um, Thanksgiving was just a couple of days ago... but at this rate, Christmas will be here in no time. Or not.

They switched over to heat today in my apartment. Just in time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

looking ahead but behind the times

I've been packing for a month for a 3 day trip. People look at me like I'm crazy until I explain patiently that I am looking to move back home and that I need to start planning as I don't know when it will happen and I don't want to be moving a million pieces of things all at once. So I even bought a scale so I could weigh my luggage (how crazy is that?). I started by bringing home stuff... like my rice cooker, which I haven't been using.

Gotta love the security in airports. I placed my rice cooker on the conveyor belt. The guy pulled it into the xray machine. And stopped. Then he asked what I had. A rice cooker, I told him plainly. He waves his partner over to laugh over it. He asks where the cooked rice is. I tell him I didn't bring any. His friend pulls it out for inspection and lets me go. The guy yells out to me, "Next time, bring the rice." I smile in return.

There are some things to be said for being so far behind in movies... like when I flew home for the long weekend. First off, I was flying Air Canada and forgot that they show movies (being used to WestJet, which charges and therefore goes unwatched by me.) With the red-eye, I was also hoping to catch some shut-eye, but alas. I got tempted as they were showing The Break-Up, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. So I had to watch even though it was on tiny screens and I was unfortunately sitting in one of the rows where I was practically underneath the screen. In any event, the movie sucked and I lost what could have been a good few hours of sleep. Only because I couldn't let myself see only half, no matter how terribly it was playing out!

My ride was waiting at the airport to pick me up. I phoned and asked where he was. His response: at international. My reply: Since when is Toronto considered international?! Ok, so I was a little tired and cranky. It was now past midnight PST and I'd been up since 6am EST. Not only that, but I was picked up in a rally car as his regular car broke down that night, of all nights.

The trip itself was rejuvenating and much needed. The weather? I almost had to keep telling myself that I was really in Vancouver. And then I wondered why I ever left as it was just stunningly beautiful. I surprised my grandparents with my visit back and the trip reminded me how much I missed the mountains.

The flight back wasn't much better except that I actually ran into my naturopath. We ended up in the same row although we both had window seats. The movie this time was the Lake House, with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Being on a larger plane, the screen was just the one up front. So while the movie was a little strange with some time warp thing going on, I kept missing bits and pieces because of old slow people walking up and down the aisles to the washroom. And of course, the drink cart. Air Canada is also so skimpy these days they don't even hand out snacks. It's 2 bucks if you want a pack of almonds.

10 weeks and counting til Christmas and my next trip back.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

nuit blanche

Toronto is following in the footsteps of other cities like Paris and Montreal where there are exihibits open all night. Really, it means a sleepless night more than anything else where museums are open for free from 7:01pm until 7 am. I didn't make it. First off, it was raining, just like Vancouver, so I didn't feel like traipsing around getting soaked. Second, I feel like I'm just getting too old to pull an all-nighter even though it was in the city and I am practically right smack in the middle of it. I prefer my sleep, especially after another insane week of work. Personally, it's been more of a semaine blanche for me.