Sunday, September 17, 2006

expanding my horizons

Funny how things work out... first, work was my life, and the social aspect sucked since I didn't really know anyone. Then the city became my life when I wanted to see everything and do everything I could. But work started to suck. Now I'm getting my head around trying to find a job back home so I can be closer to friends and family and to maintain a bit more of a balanced lifestyle. Then I met some people at a networking event and my life has turned around again.

I've joined a recreational ultimate league and have been playing and getting in lots of exercise and socializing in the mix. Work still sucks, but now I've got people to hang with on the weekend...which makes it really difficult to leave. But I still have to do it...just as I'm starting to settle into the city, of course.

Monday, September 04, 2006

give me freedom! give me liberty!

So now that I've been here for a while, I can say that I'm not sure why they consider TO to be a world class city. Especially when it comes to long weekends. I'm stuck in the city with no place to go so I make plans to meet up with a friend for brunch. He moved recently from close to where I'm living so I found a central location for the both of us.

You'd think that 10:30am is a decent time for brunch in the downtown core. Well, not this place. It was closed. All weekend. Hello? I'm not just thinking of me (ok, so I am), but there were tourists in the city who were wandering around toting Starbucks lattes since nothing else was open. Doesn't make sense. Unless this city really takes the Labour Day weekend literally. What are people celebrating for Labour Day anyway? There's a certain irony to it.

Speaking of irony, my friend suggested we wander over to Liberty Village over in the west side of the city. I knew the pirate festival was on but figured there wasn't much else in the area so wasn't exactly jumping up and down to go. Since neither of us had plans, we slowly wandered down Queen St. West to check out some of my favourite stores. By the time we got to my favourite store (which was, surprise! closed), we were halfway to Liberty Village so he persuaded me to make the walk over. 4 km later... we watched the Snowbirds doing their show at the CNE. My poor feet were hurting. We took the streetcar back. Thank goodness public transit was running.