Sunday, February 20, 2011

new love

For those who are wondering, you will be sorely disappointed that it's not a person or yoga... My new love is spices that I've discovered! Growing up, I really disliked Indian food - too spicy, and my parents weren't experts on choosing good dishes. We just avoided it due to the spices. Since I've been studying ayurveda, I have gotten so excited to know how fantastic regular food can taste by adding a few spices. And the best part is knowing all the benefits of eating such flavorful food AND it doesn't have to be spicy hot for one to reap the benefits.

I'm loving the chance to mix and match the spices even though I've kept to some pretty basic recipes. Discovered a fantastic little spice shop in the city where all the spices are either organic, or wild harvested. The best part is that they carry a lot of the rarer Indian spices that are difficult to source around the city (sure they have them in Little India, but it definitely isn't organic!)Just having a little bit of fun creating flavorful dishes to eat and actually going out to more Indian restaurants and trying new dishes that I can try to replicate at home!