Tuesday, April 27, 2010

time for reflection

I cannot believe almost another month has flown by. I squeezed in a quick trip to Arlington and Annapolis, had a lovely time catching up with a couple of good friends and met their other friends who live in a nice suburban woody area in lush green Annapolis. Add to that cherry blossom season and I was in heaven. I would wake up in the morning before my friends woke up and sneak downstairs to sit on their front porch, dog in tow, and just rock lightly on their swinging chair while I listened to the birds chirping their morning songs madly in the sunshine. Ah, bliss, bliss, bliss.

I had mentioned wanting to go to anywhere near the seashore, so they took me to meet their friends over in Maryland and we drove over Chesapeake Bay and onto the eastern shore. This couple had a boat which I had hoped to get onto, but they were trading it in for a larger one (25 footer with sleeping cabins so that they could pull up into their slip in Annapolis downtown and sleep overnight. Sweet...) We went to The Big Owl tiki bar for a couple of drinks and then headed over to the Narrows Restaurant (seafood galore) and then off to the Jetty for some live music by a cover band and to people watch. It was so much fun and reminded me again how much I love the ocean.

Prior to the trip, my mother had said she had spoken to someone who had travelled around the world by living in different cities and working there. She suggested that I do the same if I was getting bored. I thought, why not? What am I waiting for? Clearly not to settle down here! I DO love the eastern seaboard... particularly Boston and DC. So perhaps it's time for a move...? In any case, good motivation to clean up my place a bit and get ready. I just hope that if the job appears and I get it, that my move won't be as sudden as it was when I first moved out east!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


I still miss sorely the extra day off that everyone else gets. You'll find me heading in to the office tomorrow but I am grateful at least for having the Friday off. The weather has been the best ever, with highs of 20+. In April, on the long weekend? It is almost unheard of.

I took advantage of that by heading out for dinner with friends on Friday and Saturday, and fitting in a vinyasa class, which was so intense with too many chatarangas that my poor shoulders are sore and I think I did something to my SI joint so am taking it super easy though I had to fill in for someone this morning. I also fit in Alice in Wonderland in 3D. What a lovely film! Ok, so the story was a bit weak, but Johnny Depp was great. I think I've come to have a greater appreciation of him ever since I saw him in Finding Neverland, although I have not seen too many of his movies. (Alice already had enough suspense for me even though I know how it's supposed to end!)

Spring cleaning is on top of mind, in particular this year. Not sure why but I seem to be ok with letting go of things that no longer serve me. It's particularly refreshing after I've done a mass sweep. In the past I've always been pretty attached to things, and I still am to certain things, but perhaps it's just that I'm tired of looking at it all.

Wishing you peace on this Easter Sunday.