Sunday, March 14, 2010

on the cusp of spring

Since my last post of being sick, I have for the most part recovered and was able to watch the gold men's hockey game. What a game! I was on the edge of my seat and thrilled that Canada won. The crowds were unbelievable - cars honking, people flooding Yonge Street waving flags and high-fiving people. I found myself grinning and slapping hands back. It was surreal. You would have thought we had won a war or something, not a hockey game! So Canada tops the podium for most gold medals won at a Winter Olympics game. How cool is that?

Well we're not back to reality and I think that people have been wondering how to pass time now that there is nothing to watch on television to pass the time. I've slowed down to a more reasonable pace (to the point of almost being too lazy) and have a bit more breathing room. I find that I waver between doing too much and then doing too little. When I'm doing too much, time flies, when I'm doing too little, I find myself bored and wanting. I just need to find that happy medium.

As I write, the huge St. Patrick's Day parade is passing through Yonge St. with all its noise and floats. What a contrast to yesterday's miserable stormy weather. Gusting winds and blowing rain... and only a week before, sunny warm skies. I do long for those summer days though now that we've changed the clocks, we'll be getting an hour more of daylight each day, which in itself is a blessing.