Sunday, June 28, 2009


It started off as a rainy drizzly day, and normally I see people clamouring for a spot already by 12 noon for the parade. Today, there were definitely fewer; quite unusual for a June parade to be under cloudy skies. I figured I would hang out and watch the view from my apartment instead. No point having a blocked view behind the umbrellas.

By the time the parade was underway, I decided to head down. They had made the streets narrower, meaning more people could fit in; it made such a difference in terms of viewing the whole event. I was able to get some good shots. In fact, I was so busy that when they tossed the mardi gras beads, I wasn't paying attention and got bonked in the head with a set of green ones (thanks TD Bank). I bent down to pick them up and wore them. At least they matched my green t-shirt. :) I watched a bald guy get bonked on the head by a gold set. He cringed, wondering what hit him.

As per usual, I wandered the streets afterwards for the best shots. One of a couple of gay men wearing hot pink wigs posed for me and one actually said, "Have fun, hun." It was like a message meant specifically for me. I haven't transitioned fully back from all the inward work I did at the yoga centre so it really hit home. I need to get out and have a little bit more fun.