Wednesday, March 12, 2008

noises in yoga class

I've been very diligent... I have refocused my energies and have been going to yoga on a daily basis (well, 5 days a week, which is pretty much daily in work terms). Just yesterday though, I was in a full class where there was an older gentleman close by (diagonal to me). We were doing downward dogs and moving into plank when I heard some noise. Someone had farted. I looked around quickly, wondering who it was. I think it was the guy, who kept grunting through his moves.

Class continued along with more farts coming out. It was like the guy had bowel movement problems. Or at least he couldn't control the gas. Nothing worse than having loud farting sounds every so often in a relatively quiet yoga class. The only thing that would have been more embarrassing is if people thought it was coming from me. You can bet I won't place my mat near the guy the next time I see him.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

neverending winter

This has got to be the longest winter I have experienced. With snow that started in November straight through til now, people are stealing other people's shovels in desperation and the snow has nowhere else to go. On the plus side, I guess I should be grateful that someone swiped my boots so that I ended up with a waterproof and comfortable new pair. After this latest 36 hour storm with whipping winds and up to 30cm of snow, we are on our way to breaking a record set back in the 30s. Enough already! Please?! It's March...