Friday, April 06, 2007

green christmas, white easter

So just when I was about to put away my winter stuff, we get a dusting of snow. Not only that, but -11 windchill to accompany the wintry weather. With all the accidents that happened yesterday, let's just say I wasn't the only one in spring mode.

With the luxury of sleeping in today, it took will power to get my butt down to my hip hop class. Since the studio was free, we had a 2 hour intensive class. Unfortunately it was right through lunch so by the time we were done, all of us were having mental problems trying to recall our steps on hungry stomachs. I walked home in the flurries afterwards (everything was pretty much closed anyway due to it being Good Friday) and had lunch. Then I promptly took a delicious 2 hour nap.

Capping off the day was a dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in two months. A very Good Friday indeed.