Tuesday, August 19, 2008

cottage country

So I finally got to see what all the fuss about cottaging was. Having been here nearly 3 years and this past weekend was the first I got to go. Caught a ride with my aunt right after work on Friday and we drove up to her place in Haliburton. She had bought a cottage last year and did a great deal of work on it. It look spectacular inside - just as nice as her house. You know, those types that look like they were taken from the pages of a magazine.

By the time we got in, it was already evening so we unpacked and admired the lake view before settling in to watch some Olympics on tv. Seriously, if it wasn't for her, I would have pretty much missed all of the Olympics.

The weekend was a blast and after a summer of rain and more rain, this was the perfect weekend to be by the water. We went boating on her 18 foot boat and hung around with some of her neighbours. I got to try tubing and water skiing, though we borrowed her male friends' skis and they were way too big. Neither of us were able to get up, but I did get a good dose of lake water. We also went kayaking on Saturday morning. I couldn't believe what a difference a drive makes. The scenery reminded me so much of BC. Trees and trees around the lakes and bays. Beautiful. I felt like I had really gone away on a mini vacation! I'd go up again at the next chance!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

summer days - the beach, niagara, an possibly ccottaging

I wonder how the time has flown by so quickly but I guess with 3 cross-country flights, that does pretty much kill a lot of the summer. And with the amount of rain we've had, it hasn't been much of a summer. (18 of 25 weekend days have been rainy and we have officially broken the record for most rainy summer ever.)

I did manage to organize a girl's day out at Niagara on the Lake where I went with a couple of girls from work to Inn on the Twenty for lunch, and Vineland Estates for dinner. Yup, it rained that July weekend but it was still nice to get away from the city. Another weekend I went out to the beach and joined a guy I snowboarded with in the winter. His group of friends were planning on playing volleyball. While waiting for a net we played beach ultimate which was fun though hot, hot, hot. And a couple of Summerlicious meals got squeezed in. I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend when my aunt is taking me up to her cottage. I have been here for almost 3 years and still yet to have go to a cottage! She's got a boat and a tandem kayak and I plan on having a fantastic time. If it doesn't rain. If it rains, then I'll be in town again...so we'll see.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

animal planet overload

Whenever I fly, I am reminded of how much I miss tv. Especially Satellite tv. I ended up watching back to back episodes of Animal Planet. Everything from Patrol Pound to Hawaii's Most Unwanted (pigs and mosquitos), to the Big Cats and Meerkat Manor. I even missed out on sleep, which says something. And when I got home, I was blissed out to see they were offering free previews through July 31st... so I spent a lot of my free time zoning out with all the shows. Sweet vacation time. And yet another reason why I don't own a tv in Toronto. It's probably safer that way. :P